A Heart-Scribe Message Moment

By: hiswhisperihear | May 15, 2014

Day 12—Love Challenge

"LoveSpeaks in Words of Honey not Vinegar"… I sat and listened to a mother speaking to her child in the grocery store the other day. Almost immediately I was reminded of the many times as a young parent before I knew Christ that I spoke the same way to my own daughter.  At this time in my life my daughter has her own "child!" I have had many occasions to witness the exact opposite interaction when my oldest speaks to her baby.   No matter how frazzled or upset she may be she has always addressed her daughter in love! I thank God I prayed as He led me for the young mother and her child in the store.   I also thanked Him for her and asked Him to allow another meeting so I could hug her and pray for her again. Words heal (honey) or vex (vinegar)… Let us take our words into consideration.   Not only for this day's challenge but every day from this day forward!   Let's spill out "only" words that heal, help, and are heavenly!

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