A Heart-Scribe Message Moment

By: hiswhisperihear | May 15, 2014

Day 13 ---Love Challenge "Love Knows no Degree" … In our world today "degree" is presented in many different ways … Temperature, education, and even in numbering the severity of burns. In temperature and burns the "lesser" or "lower" is better, however, in education it seems the "higher" "degree" the more "love" … not exactly! Seems the "higher" the degree the more education the "less" accessibility and less "love!" Not all well-educated people are more likely to snub you instead of love you but some do have a way of sending their love to those outside their existence by sending those endowed with the "gift" of love.

Hummmm, if we are called into a ministry or as most ministers with "degrees" say "I head this ministry" should we not also be endowed with that exact spirit of love for those who are "not" on our spiritual level? Far too many times we are "sending" humble people who just see "people" to do what God initially called us to do! You hear, "I run this ministry I don't do (insert menial task here)!" Yes you most certainly do! It's time to take off your "degree" which gave you your "title" and get back to the basics of what God see and calls ministry! It's time to stop trying to "show off" and just start "showing up!" It's time to take off your $300 dresses and your $2000 suits and put on some "plain people" clothes and get dirty while building God's Kingdom …

'But, "I wrote a book" … so, have you ever given of your time to teach someone to read?'

'But, "I'm on T.V." … so, have you ever stood for hours taking calls for donations in a hot school gym just so an unknown child could get the money their family needed for open heart surgery?' 

'But, "I preach at a different church every week" …so have you ministered as an advocate to promote anti-abortion, anti-domestic violence, or anti-driving while drunk? All the while knowing that you will not receive a love offering.'

 'But, "I have many ministers under me for those tasks!" So God wants YOU … He called and equipped YOU!' Let us all lay aside our degrees, titles, clothes and "names" and just be a "humble servant" in whatever manner God chooses. You may just remember what "ministry" "servant hood" "being human" was all about!

Father God, humble Your servants and re-make us into the disciples You first fashioned us to be. Cause us to stand in front of a full length mirror and see "ourselves" naked and humbled before You our all-seeing and all-knowing Master. Help us to overcome the haughtiness within ourselves so we can serve You and Your people with hearts full of Your love in Jesus name!

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