A Heart-Scribe Message Moment

By: hiswhisperihear | May 15, 2014

Day 14 --- Love Challenge

"Love serves Willingly!"

He was passed tired when he arrived from the office. He opens the car door and was met by such a wonderful and dirty little boy with such a big smile.

Sweeping the three year old into his arms his heart is racing wondering what he would find inside the house. He could hear the guard / companion dog Star barking profusely and wondered how he let his son out of his sight.

The living room is in total disarray and his heart pounded even more erratically as his eyes gazed at the top of the staircase where Star continued barking and tugging on something he could not see just yet.He slowly climbed the stairs and made his way to where the dog was barking.

Once at the top he nearly dropped his son as he dropped to his knees. His wife had been ill for quite some time. She had called him several times at work today and each time he told his secretary he would call her right back. He never did. Her last call was over four hours before he arrived home.He feels faint as he recalls what her last memo said … "The sitter had to leave early, my ear is hurting again much, more than before please call for an ambulance and come home and pick up Johnnie …. Please Hurry!" 

He immediately dials 911 and the voice on the other line says, "Sir, your wife called four hours ago and she assured us you were on your way home. Sir, please look at your wife's left ear, is there any bleeding?" "Yes, massive."The ambulance arrives, loads the young woman's body onto the gurney …paramedic one state, "Time of death … undermined" … "Cause of death … ruptured cranial aneurysm!"

Take calls from home and family seriously! Make an effort to check on those who are ill. Take a 911 call immediately it may just be the last time you hear from that person. 

Father God, we bless and thank You for every time we were to stand in the gap and serve willingly and we were obedient and You intervened and made a way for someone where there was no way. We also pray for those who did not receive this exact outcome and someone went Home. Make us instruments of Your grace and mercy to each and every person who has no one to stand in the gap for or with them in these instances. In Jesus Name … Amein.

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