A Heart-Scribe Message Moment

By: hiswhisperihear | May 15, 2014

Day 15 ---Love Challenge 

 "Love Remembers No Wrongs"

As counselors we are allowed into the deep hurts of those that seek us out for help.   I had a huge issue in my own personal life that hindered the release some were seeking.   So I stepped away from "adult" counseling and delved deeper into counseling children and younger adults.

My life and counseling ministry was forever changed and healed when I met a little girl who had been horribly teased because of a physical impairment.   Looking into the eyes and heart of this little girl made me a better human being indeed.

She sought me out because she was seeking a revelation regarding why she was the only one in her family who had the issue she had.   Her mother had become a friend from the times we were both counseling once a week in divorce recovery.

I had to dig deep within my heart to even come close to being able to offer her some resolve.   I wanted to cry, but Holy Spirit began, "No one except God knows the exact reason you were created with what some people see as a "disability!"

She almost immediately says, "Oh I'm not "disabled" I can do anything others can it just takes me a little longer sometimes." She then looks up at me, her eyes shining and says, "I now know why God made me this way it is so everybody can see that no matter how special they are they too can do anything if they trust God!"

Now I really want to cry, and I asked her if she was still mad and hurt by what the other children had said about her.   What this tiny child spoke next amazed and set me free … she said, "Oh no I am not mad or hurt I don't even remember what they said therefore, they can no longer hurt me!"

Father God, give us hearts as this child to not only forgive those that have hurt us but to also forget that hurt and release that person or persons never to rehearse that hurt again. In Jesus Name … Amein.

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