Created In God's Image His Women

Created in God's Image ...

"Women of His Whisper"

Today, September 29, 2013 after I listened to the above video message by a young man that I do not know I was taken back "so to speak" too many years ago when I was that broken, battered and bruised reed.

A reed that I despised, that I tried very hard to just totally forsake and wanted nothing to do with. I was my worse enemy. I was my worse critic.  I was my worse downfall.  I truly "hated" me.  I could speak to others about their worth. I could also "help" them repair their lives.  I just could not find that "worth" in myself.

Even today, many years later I still struggle with a "tiny" issue within myself that at times will not allow me to accept compliments from those that God has in my life.  I guess I spent so many of those early years desiring to be noticed by those around me that even today when "humans" speak words of encouragement I tend to "not" want to accept what they say immediately.

I learned way back in 1999 that I no longer had a need for man or woman's acceptance.  However, it wasn't until the year 2000 I truly began to see myself in the image that my ABBA, my God, my Father saw me in.  Accepting His "creation" ... me has taken many long and hard years.  Even now, in this day His vision of me still gets met with some wonder.

I mean, I'm just 'me' so to speak.  No one special.  Not a raving beauty.  Not a model. Not a vision of what most of society calls "beautiful!"  Not even close to what "men" and even some "women" call beautiful.  I'm not flashy.  I'm not classy. I'm not even cultured so to speak in the ways of this world.  However, I know my Father's voice. I know my Father's heart. I know my Father's smell.  I know my Father's taste.  I know my Father's Spirit. And this has brought me into the "fullness" of His love for me!

Notice I said, "His love for me."  Not how I had to "earn" His love.  Not how much it "cost" for my outward appearance.  Not how many "notice" me BUT how I have caught the eye and the heart of the LORD GOD most high!  How all of nature speaks forth His presence.  How the trees dance when His Spirit passes by!  How the birds sing louder when His Spirit fills the atmosphere! How the animals stand still to give Him reverence when His Spirit passes by! How the waters become like glass to reflect His glory when His Spirit passes by!  How the clouds just float like cotton candy in mid air when His Spirit passes by!  This is how I KNOW that He loves me and I am His!  I KNOW Him intimately!

Years of searching and seeking His face and not just His hand.  Seeing Him in everything that I come into contact with.  Watching for Him everywhere I go.  Knowing that He is there everywhere.  Never being un-amazed at what He can do. Making my heart His home and His heart my shelter.  If He lives in me then I live in Him!

It's been a long and hard journey.  A journey that I know will never end between He and I because I am His!  So many of His women are hurting the same way I did for so many years!  I offer my life as a road map to you!  A "treasure" map! Because I KNOW that the treasure you will find within the pages of this journal will be the 'You' God Always Wanted You To Be!

Not the you your past describes.  Not the you life dealt.  Not the you someone spoke you to be.  Not even the you your parents conceived.  But the "you" God created when He birthed you out of His heart and nestled you within your mother's womb.

When we look at whom we have been we always place the burden of what we have become on the life we have lived.  But when we can see that journey in God's light we can 'shatter those sidewalks' 'burn those bridges' and even 'level those mountains' and break free from the vision that we had for ourselves.  

God offers us the change, it takes 'us' to be willing to walk those new sidewalks, cross those new bridges and scale those mountains with Him in the 'lead' and not us!  I can say this with great certainty because I surrendered my 'entire' life and 'free will' to His purposes.  I walk His path. I climb "only" those mountains that He puts in my plan. And now when I cross the bridges I can do it with a skip in my step because I know that right there on the other side is a new frontier!

To Be Continued ......