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The Love Challenge ...

Day 1 Love Challenge

Day 1 Love Challenge----->'If you have children, grown or not so grown ... no matter what they may have done EVER tell them somehow just what a joy they are to you and have been every minute of their lives!' If you don't have your own then bless someone else's! Dawn, Megan and Eric ....I do not have enough time on this earth to show you three the joy you have each brought into my life! Nothing and No one except Jesus truly knows how much I adore you all! The uniqueness God has knitted within each one of your hearts has truly been a life line so many times in my life! I adore you all even more so today as I did so many years ago! I'm honored to have been chosen to be your incubator! All my love ~Mama

Day 2 Love Challenge

Day 2—Love is not "selfish" … If you are like me there has been more than one incidence in your life when "self" has taken precedence over sacrifice … Today I choose to place others above myself and as Christ did, become a "sacrificial" example …  

Love Challenge Day 3
Day 3 Love Challenge

Day3—"Love is kind" … OUCH!   Now Iknow toes are sore … "right?"  Wow, busted? I am! Just lastevening I failed miserable on this aspect! Challenge seems "bigger"than I expected!   Dr. Charles Stanleysaid, "It takes 3 days to make a bad habit and "21" days tobreak one! Anyone still counting?  

Father, Ichoose to surrender my mouth to Your use and ask Holy Spirit to speak forme!   I pray for each person that works inthe "service" industry.   Mayeach one be blessed beyond measure with joy and gladness no matter what or"who" shall come their way today and every day forward.   I also pray for those of us that come theirway to be filled with Your "solutions" and not allow the enemy tocause us to be used as part of the "problem" in Jesus name!

SMILE it'scontagious!

Day 4 Love Challenge

Day 4—"Love is faithful" Full of faith!   Does not speak doubt!   I've learned to speak faith that's not a problem … what is though is "doing" faithful instead of "being" faithful.   For instance, I "attempt" to keep in touch with a small group of elderly people who want to learn the internet and build websites for their own crafts, services and such but who have issues with knowing the general aspects of a computer much less being able to design websites … Their knowledge of how the computer works is not vast therefore, their ability to construct a website causes them to need to be led hand to hand.   At times, the simplest of tasks, might take them hours to comprehend and grasp the concepts of formatting their practice website.   For me it’s a breeze but as Holy Spirit reminded me took me countless hours years back to learn myself!  Ahhhh…. Faithful in what?   The "little" things! Do your best today and extend a helping hand in those "little" things that were important to you as well before God could trust you with the "bigger" things!"Hey, have you seen my mouse?" "Well, yes I have, its right in front of your computer to your right! "OH that's what that is!" "I thought it was one of those children's wind up and roll away toys!"Hey! Pssst ….. LITTLE Things!    ------- à Onward!

Day 5 Love Challenge

Day 5—Love Challenge"Your Mood Should Not Dictate Your Manners!" Can you see the bricks falling? I guess what I should ask is "How many bricks have actually hit you on top of your head? I know in this instance I have had my own share of lumps!This is the area that our enemy uses against us so often. I could write an entire book on how many times I've gone to sleep, woke up, was told something, read something or just allowed what "blew in through my window" put me in a "not so nice " mood.Considering God has given us every tool we need to "counter attack" and "conquer" our flesh and has also anointed those "tools" for "combat" we don't have to "allow" and "accept" what "attaches" and "attacks" our peace! It brings new light and new revelation to the quote "No God" .. "No Peace" … "Know God" … "Know Peace!" So "put your armor on" DAILY! Stay in peace!

Day 6 Love Challenge

Day 6 – Love Challenge"Love Considers the Lonely!" Instead of "wondering" why someone is lonely why don't we just take the initiative and reach out to them?God puts the lonely in our paths for a divine reason that benefits both people. Even though His ultimate plan brings good to both we still are required to be His hands and feet! Many people who are lonely will not reach out to strangers. However, those of us who know and listen to Holy Spirit's instructions and leading will also be given the strength, courage, and divine open window of opportunity to make that extension of not only friendship but also God's love!Ask Father to open a window of opportunity today for you to hold out your hand and heart in love and friendship … to the person or persons He chooses! Be excited to be His hands and feet to those you meet and also remember to greet them with His heart of love!

Day 7 Love Challenge

Day 7—Love Challenge"Love Does Not Judge!" … Wow!   Did you know that this point in "society" is upheld to a higher standard than in "most" of our Christian communities?   I was shocked to "hear" so much about "where" a person came from (who they were before Christ) from so many "church pew sitters" than the person themselves …Hardly ever will you hear who they are now and what they are doing for and through Christ.   In fact most "Christians" "use" a person's "testimony" to "taint with many" that person's "salvation story" with "way" too many " facts about "what they were" before details…If you are like me, you have been the "subject" of these conversations but, you have also been among those "saying" those things about that person as well!   Come on now … speak the truth … shame the devil RIGHT?   You can be "yourself" and admit that you have taken part in "tearing" down and not "building up" your sister or brother in Christ at least once in your Christian life … I think we all have at one time or another.   However, I pray once Holy Spirit conviction settled in you "stopped" or at least you asked Him for His help to be delivered.I steer clear away from anyone that begins a conversation with, "Girl let me tell you" … We all know what comes next!   Just pray because it might not be "your" name "this time" … BUT … it will be at some other time!Father, please help us all to dwell less on a person's past, more on their present and strive to see him/her in the future sense completely set free and on fire for You.   Help us to dwell less on the "test" and more on the "testimony!"   Also Father, may we be able to be trusted with Your people and become a sanctuary, a haven of peace where they can come and "be their selves" and seek healing and encouragement.   In Jesus Name I pray. 


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