-His Heart Scribe- Books

Welcome To Our Little Books Showcase

What we've been blessed to have learned over the past few years of creating, writing, formatting, and publishing books is this:

  • For a book to be encouraging it does not have to contain hundreds of pages ...
  • For a book to be sell-worthy it does not require hundreds of dollars to create ...
  • For a book to be a "best-seller" it does not have to have hundreds of sales ...

All it takes to have a great book with lots of great reviews it must contain topics that cover what "God" wants you to say and not what "you" want to say. If we lean unto His understanding and not our own our "labor of love" our "masterpiece" will not only stimulate the mind but it will also have an effect on the heart as well!

A "true" heart-scribe knows what moves the heart and hand of God therefore, what they produce in the literary field will also move the reader as well! Let's write about God's Love, Let's write about His Word and the changes that it will make in a life, Let's write about God's Healing, God's Instructions, God's Heart!

Too many "authors" are looking to become the next "best selling" whomever when all we have to do to truly be successful at whatever we do is listen for His "still small voice" not with our ears but ... with our hearts!

Stay tuned while we build this site through the power of wisdom and discernment and the "books" that tell the stories of His Heart!