-His Heart Scribe- Inspirations

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~His Heart Scribe~ Inspirations

Devotions ...written not with the ink of nature's power,but by the Spirit of the living God.

~Jeremiah 31:33~

"I will put My teachings inside them,and I will write those teachings on their hearts."

We honor those that God has given the ability to truly capture "His Heart Whispers" and we embrace the divine revelations given in deep intimate time spent in prayer. We treasure each of our contributors and we celebrate their gifts to the world!


How His Heart Scribe Inspirations Came To Be ...

Throughout the years of ministry I have worn many hats. Due to an automobile accident in 2003 I was taken to another area of ministry that years before I had not yet experienced.

I've written many messages of encouragement, however, this are of ministry has taken on a new flame and passion since I have had many years of filling my days with His personal presence because of an inability to walk and stand as I once did.


The Scribe ...

I enjoy writing. These days writing the 'whispers of His heart' is one of my greatest joys. I am a 'prophetic encourager' a scribe as it were! His messages of hope entrusted through my pen onto the canvas of His heart ... my paper.

I am His ... He is mine.

Together we can bring healing and hope to a dying world one pen stroke at a time.

In His love, 
By His Spirit, 
I scribe His