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*:*At ~His Heart Scribe~ Publications, it is our 'heart felt' desire to see that the works we publish will be used as a powerful encouragement tool for God's People and bring a divine revelation of the Power of God's Word to them.  Our publishing outlet is not to publish works just because they will be popular, but to put into publication works that will be embraced generation after generation for their powerful content, divine revelation and legacy benefits.*:*
Our book covers are "one of a kind" genuine hand created pallets of artwork that our authors visualize before hand.  We strive with them during their "labor and subsequent delivery" of their divine vision.  Which comes into manifestation through one on one correspondence and much prayer.  We aren't satisfied until they are! 

Through the many hours of the design process we are delighted to see the "heart whispers" come into view! 

Do you have a book that needs a cover? 
Do you have a manuscript that needs formatting?
Do you need editing?
Or, is your manuscript still in your idea process?

Please contact us for your unique one of a kind printing and design needs. At that time we can discuss your other needs as well. I promise, if you got it done with us your printed masterpiece is a "one of a kind" and not a "cheap copy!"

Our design packages are "simple" and easy to understand.  What we offer is a page by page charge and a front and back cover seperate charge.  No confusing details in any of our packages!

Phone Consultations Available Upon Request!